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Thrifting in San Francisco

San Francisco is known for its unforgettable thrift stores. Haight street is seemingly filled with shops selling clothes for a fraction of the retailed price, saving you from making a dent in your bank account. However, after spending a day thrifting in this neighborhood, I realized that there is a large difference between vintage and thrift shopping. Haight street may have gorgeous pieces, but those pieces are priced for profit, not for second-hand shoppers.

But if not Haight street, then where are the reasonable thrift stores of the Bay Area located?

Although they are not all conveniently lined on the same street, there are a few gems located both in the city and in the East Bay. Eye Thrift is one of those gems, and can be found on Valencia street in San Francisco. The store has an immediate appeal with their 99 cent rack luring people into their store. Past the doorway, the cheap prices continue. From Levi’s shorts for $8.99 to body con dresses for the same price. There is a beautiful mix of pieces for both men and women to browse. Eye Thrift is a perfect spot for thrifters, past Haight Street’s over-priced second hand garments.

Additionally, chain stores such as 2nd Street, CrossRoads, and Goodwill never miss when it comes to the search for low prices.

Even on the other side of the bridge, those chain stores continue. The 2nd Street Thrift on Telegraph Avenue, in particular, is a well curated spot. From second hand designer to second hand streetwear, 2nd Street is the perfect place for vintage shoppers as well as thrifters. The diverse mixture of clothing can fill an entire closet in just one store, and although it is a chain, I have found that 2nd Street, unlike Haight Street, never misses.

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