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About Eva Thrifts

About Me

I have loved fashion my whole life. It started as a way to express myself through my style and eventually formed into a passion. My love for fashion began with shopping trips to large chain stores until I realized the conformity of it all. Retail stores did not promote the individuality that I sought, so I turned to thrift stores. Initially, thrifting was a way to feed my need for uniqueness and self-expression, but it started to grow into a passion. It allowed me to find individuality as I would never see someone wearing the same sweater, shirt, or pants as myself. Thrifting is a connection to the past, and a way to sustain our future.

Importance of sustainability 

The clothing industry is one of the largest contributors of waste. The US generates a little over 17 million tons of textile waste per year and 66% of unwanted clothes are thrown into the landfill, while less than 15% is actually recycled. This is a huge problem because it can take more than 200 years for the clothing to decompose in the landfill. As they decompose, they also contribute greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals into the soil and groundwater. If we can do our part to reduce clothing waste, it can reduce pollution and environmental harm. Helping with this is as easy as donating old clothing to a local thrift shop or homeless shelter, as well as actually shopping at those thrift stores. Thrift stores provide a unique clothing option and gorgeous pieces, as well as helping sustain our earth.

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